Mission, Vision and Values

In offering independent living senior housing for the Jackson, Mississippi, our spiritual foundation is at the core of our organization.  

Mission Statement
Guided by excellence, Christian principles, and respect for our heritage, we are dedicated to promoting an independent and fulfilling lifestyle in a welcoming environment where all people thrive and live with purpose. 

Core Values
We believe in the immeasurable value of every person. Empowered by Christ’s love, we joyfully serve with humility, integrity, compassion, kindness and respect.

Our vision is to be a superior independent living facility for seniors providing environments where all people thrive and live with purpose guided by:

  • Excellent Service: Our organization will be the premier senior community in the Jackson, Mississippi area, where seniors desire to live, where people desire to work, and to which people desire to support.
  • Compassionate Care: Our organization will be recognized by our commitment to providing compassionate care to and protecting the dignity of our residents by staff members who are educated, informed, and empathetic. 
  • Wise Financial Stewardship: Our organization will be committed to monitoring our resources and using wise business standards of financial management to reflect our commitment to providing a stable and healthy place to live, work, and support.
  • Life Long Learning and Growing:  Our organization will encourage participation in intensive, participatory arts and lifelong learning programs that may lead to improved health, fewer doctor visits and less medication usage.
  • Respect of our Heritage:  Our organization will provide culturally-responsive services, programs, and aesthetics that honor our history, predecessors, spiritual foundation, and African American culture.
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